David's next event is at DARWEN CRICKET CLUB.

17th June 2016.
An Evening Of Clairvoyance.
Darwen Cricket Club.
Via Monton Road.
BB3 0AD. Doors Open at 7.30pm for 8.00pm Start.
Tickets £10.00 @www.comingsoon.org.uk

Throughout 2013, I presented the
PSYCHIC BRITS show on CBS broadcasting live in the USA to:
Boston, Pittsburg, Seattle, Detroit, LA and New York!
I have also featured in the September 2013 edition and October 2014 edition of Take a Break Fate and Fortune Magazine

I am available for Evenings of Clairvoyance, Private readings and Group bookings, I also holding Awareness/Development Classes and am available for paranormal investigations.
You can read more about me in the About Me section.

What is a medium?

When people think of Mediums they usually visualise people wearing long flowing gowns in a séance, sat round a table holding hands with the people they are doing a reading for. Mediums are just ordinary people who usually have everyday jobs and families. A Medium is just a link between this world and the spirit world, and everybody alive has Mediumistic capabilities of some kind.

Recent Events

You can read all about my past and upcoming events on the Events page.

To Book a Private Reading, Group Session or Paranormal Investigation

Private Readings - Single and Group Sessions
I am available for private readings, both for single and group bookings with up to 8 people in a group booking.

Single Person Readings
These are usually conducted in my own home at a cost of £30.00 for 20mins or £40 for 30mins, Please contact me directly to book a single reading - 07999 761 139

Group Bookings
Group bookings are conducted in your own home. My fee is £30 per person for 20mins or £40 for 30mins (min of 4 max of 8 people) Please contact me directly to book a group session - 07999 761 139

Paranormal Investigation
If you feel that you are experiencing unexplained or paranormal activity in your home and need my advice, guidance or assistance, please contact me directly to book a Paranormal Investigation - 07999 761 139

Phone/Skype Readings
I offer a 20 or 30 minute phone or Skype reading, the cost for this is £30.00 per person for 20 minutes or £40.00 per person for 30 minutes.

Please Pre-book Phone/Skype readings prior to making payment by calling me on mobile - 07999 761 139. Once you have made your appointment you can make payment below.

If you have an enquiry that is not covered above, please feel free to contact me to discuss on 07999 761 139.

Price list