About Me

David Taylor


Hi my name is David Taylor, I have been working as a Spiritualist Medium since 2001,
My work ranges from Theatre events, Radio Presenter, Psychic, Paranormal Investigations and Reiki healer.


My Spiritual journey began at Bolton Spiritualist Church, I attended the Awareness / Development classes and quickly moved on to Platform Services and holding Evenings of Clairvoyance and taking Private bookings.

I have always felt a little different to the people around me throughout my life, it was only when I became interested in Mediumship approximately nine months before my father passed to the spirit world, that things began to make sense, As I learn't more about the subject It became clear that I have always been a natural medium, in sensing things that most people do not and it was only then looking back at my life I realise that I have encountered many supernatural experiences but dismissed them. The first experience I recall was at the age of 7yrs old I was away on Holiday with my sister and her husband, when I was playing on the beach unknown to me that I had become surrounded by water and was in the middle of a sand bank, the water was only ankle deep, so it came as a great surprise when I started screaming louder and louder that I would not walk through the water,(strange as I had always loved playing in water) to the extent that my brother in-law had to carry me over. It was only the next day when my sister was reading the paper that she realised there had been sharks in the next bay. I guess they were not getting their teeth in to me then!

My work has lead me as far a field as the USA as a Radio presenter with CBS, also to areas all over the North-West of England including serving churches, private work in Cumbria, Derbyshire, southport, Wales, Preston, Stockport , Ashton Under -Lyne, Sheffield etc.

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