What is a medium?

When people think of Mediums they usually visualise people wearing long flowing gowns in a sťance, sat round a table holding hands with the people they are doing a reading for . Mediums are just ordinary people who usually have everyday jobs and families. A Medium is just a link between this world and the spirit world, and everybody alive has Mediumistic capabilities of some kind.


A person who is Clairvoyant can see Spirits. This usually means they see the person communicating in their minds eye, which can be in the form of a picture or like watching a television in your head. Some Mediums can see Spirits with their Physical eyes as if there is another person in the same room as themselves. The Medium will then describe what they see to whoever is having a reading. It is not always people that Mediums see, it can also be animals or even objects and symbols. Some objects will be given to the Medium to be interpreted symbolically.


With this form of Mediumship the person hears the spirit communicating with them. Again this can be voices in the Mediums head or thoughts running through the mind. Sometimes a Medium will actually hear someone talking to them with their physical ears. The medium will not only "hear" voices but can also be given music or singing.


This in some schools of Mediumship is the most common form and experienced very often by people just beginning to understand the gift that they have. This type of Mediumship takes the form of the Medium sensing a spirit presence, usually through feelings. Mediums often feel as if they are being touched, feelings of cold or slight breezes wafting past them. Sometimes they can have the feeling of cobwebs on their face or can even smell fragrances associated with the spirit presence of their time on earth.


Due to recent change of EU law mediumship is to be viewed as a form of entertainment as it is yet to be proven that there is an afterlife.