Testimonials from Recent Events.

An Evening of Mediumship Eccles Gateway centre. thank you so much for sharing your gift you are truly an exceptional Medium and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing my son through for me, I now know he is with me and still draws close during my day to day life, as you told me things that only my son David would know, Thank you Linda.

The Psychic show at the Spennymoor settlement Everyman Theatre Spennymoor County Durham. A lady at the event said that I had given her great comfort with the message from her husband who had passed several years earlier, you are an amazing person with such a powerful gift and I now know he is fine Thank you so much.

An Evening of Clairvoyance in Birkenhead, Wirral, Merseyside, David you are an outstanding Medium and I would like to say Thank you for the message you gave to me from my Mum Ann, I can now move forwards knowing she is happy in the spirit world Thanks Jean.

An Evening of Clairvoyance held in Workington Cumbria. I had to say thank you for the message from my husband, I miss him so much since he died and the message you gave me left me feeling very emotional but with an overwhelming sense of peace, Thank you so much.

An Evening of Clairvoyance, The Crofters Hotel, Cabus, Garstang. I never expected my Dad to come through but he did you came straight to me and gave me his name and how he passed with a heart condition and that his favourite drink was Malt whisky, leaving me with no doubt that he was with me that night and still enjoying the odd whisky or two, again I can�t thank you enough.

The Old Town Hall Tavern, Poulton,Le,Fylde Thanks once again for a fantastic message David, it was so accurate I know that my Dad has been with me all week and heard our conversations. You are truly gifted, June.

An Evening of Clairvoyance Southport. David you brought my friend through and left me with the feeling that I had a two way conversation with her, thank you so much I have never had a reading like that before, thank you.

Here are some testimonials from previous readings.

"SOAP STAR/ACTRESS" commented that was amazing I just wasn't expecting that sort of evidence" Thank you, I will book again!

A reading I did for a young lady.
Commented that I had changed her life as it was her first reading and the fact that her Grandad come through for her with such clear evidence his name how he passed and all the memories they shared together and to think I had no plans to have a reading that Day, you are amazing Thank you so much, Laura.

Hi David would just like to thank you for the readings you did for me last night, the accuracy was spooky it was so spot on and it was a huge comfort that our friend managed to come through for us, you do a very special thing, will definitely be seeing you again Lisa.

A reading I did for a young lady and her friend, from Manchester Thank-you so much for the reading you have changed my life by bringing my partner through you was so accurate giving not only his name but a very clear description of how he passed in a car accident which turned upside down, you then went on to tell me he kept shouting tell her I have seen our little girl repeatedly! Confirming that he had seen our daughter sins he passed and there was no way you could have known I was pregnant when he passed and he never got the chance to see our lovely daughter while he was still alive, you have a gift that defies all logic Thank you so much Sarah from Manchester.

"A lady from Southport commented I felt as though I have had a conversation with a very close friend to whom I had lost to spirit- thank you"

I would just like to thank you for my beautiful message this evening from my grandad! He has been gone 11yrs and in that time I\'ve seen many mediums but never had such a message that felt i knew it was him and like I was talking with him! I honestly now know he is ok!!!
Thank you with all my heart
Kind regards Mandy x

Jane and Phil Baker (BOLTON)
Hi david just wanted to thank you for the reading
you gave me in 2009, it was a couple of months before I got married to phil...you brought my Grandfather through from Spirit and it was he who told us that we would be married in the April, it actually happened on 29th April 2009...How accurate was that...we did not even plan for it ..it just happened. Thank you for the message about my brother and my father who had been passed for nearly 10 months...again accurate information...i am so pleased you have made me very happy knowing that they are both with me always....god bless you .....Jane and Phil

Jessica Kinsella (Bury).
Hi david ...you gave me a reading on Bolton Fm, just to let you know that the evidence you gave me regarding my mum was so precise ...i thank you from the bottom of my heart knowing that she is okay ...the anniversary of her passing was also accurate ...as she had passed on Mothers Day ....i think you are fantastic...once again thank you...

"A lady from Horwich commented how accurate the reading was - the fact that I gave here late partners first name and the condition he had passes to spirit with"

Due to client confidentiality I am unable to print some names of past clients.

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